Lonely Balloon

There was a brown frightening  never seen before balloon in the balloon party. Her name is Becca with no feelings inside of her. Every other balloon was colourful and had 100% of feeling inside . Suddenly, there was a black and white rare fancy balloon –  who was the leader of the balloons. Never to be seen, a happy birthday one came around. The balloon’s name was Dannica . Her colour was red with a hint or purple in her eyes. Her best friend was kicked minutes after every one said a big happy birthday. She finally grew up and Becca got friends . 

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3 Responses to Dixie100wc#week6

  1. LukeP says:

    You need commas in the first sentence and the second one doesn’t make sense. I like the storyline and ending of it. Keep up the good work Dixie 🙂

  2. Honey-Rose says:

    well done dixie I loved your story well done

  3. AlishaJ says:

    that was really sad I think I’m going to cry I hope that it never happens to me


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