100wc week9 LibbyB

Dear diary,

Today, I am going to a haunted maze with my friends Jake and Daniel it is Halloween today night so it will be extra spooky .  I am dressing up as Harley Quinn also dyeing my hair . When we got there it was closed so we went to the back and suck in . At first the orange , purple which spoked us but we got used to it . It was getting to scary for us but when we tried to go out the gates were locked I was going to have a heart attack , I was so cold and frightened .

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3 Responses to 100wc week9 LibbyB

  1. RhiannaM says:

    First of all u need a comma after diary so it should look like this
    Dear Diary, make sure u edit it .

  2. CharlieA says:

    what is the orange one ? but great story

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