100wc#week 9

  Pumpkin problem!

It was the night before Halloween , there was no sound to be heard . Down on the farm , that was decorated for Halloween, sat two pumpkins .There was  An orange one and a white one  . Suddenly ,they began to move, I saw them … It was the orange one that spoke first, “Hi. ” ” Did that pumpkin just talk? ” I whispered silently, as a cold shiver ran quickly down my spine. But what I didn’t notice was that the white one was right behind me … I woke up feeling rather strange I  glared down what had happened ? I was a pumpkin…

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2 Responses to 100wc#week 9

  1. CharlieA says:

    great story Violet loved it

  2. Terry Team 100WC UK says:

    Hi Violet, I’m not a fan of Halloween but I must say this was a nicely structured story. I found it quite creepy especially the ending. Who wants to become a Pumpkin? Not me! Good work and a nice use of the prompt, well done.

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