Abi 100wc#14

News Report

There is a bee alert! The bees have spread aver a school in Australia . Don’t panic they will  eventually leave ; the disasters that have happened . Buildings fell  down , people running out there houses in absolute horror . Every were you looked the was at least  10 bees and 15 wasps but the worst animal there was the queen bee . The queen bee is the most important because with ought the queen bee the bees would just leave to find a new queen ; the queen is the leader of the bees and they follow them every were. The bees have thankfully left.

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Layton 100 chaleng week 14

HI my name is Jake it is Prom today I am going to set mine up in front of the bee’s because my girlfriend likes bee’s so I need to get the stuff for her flowers and a card to ask to go to prom with me so lest get people to give her directions to come to the outside of the school my girlfriend  is called meg she is going to be shocked when I surprise with the flowers she is going to get a limo to prom






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When i was going for a walk  in the forest I came upon a mysteries hut surrounded by big bees so I tried sneak in to the hut  but it went wrong because the  queen bee was in there  so she started to chase me so I ran and I ran and then hid in a cave the next morning I went to see if it was still there 

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violet 100wc#week14

1ooo years ago, in a town where bees ruled . There was no humans, no technology … One sunny morning, while the bees were looking for food one of the baby bees spotted something in the distance it was a swarm of wasps coming to take over the kingdom there was only one thing they could do fight .Charging for the wasps, they suddenly realised the queen wasp was wanting to share the land but the bees did not trust them as they always lied . Then she attacked the bees but the bees won. Many years later,  bees are still alive today.

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Ok , so I was walking to over to the high school ( Preston High School ) .I seen a horrible sight Bees

To all you kids out there , never touch a bee they sting.

So were was I oh yeah there like I was saying . My school attacked by BEES  . My favourite Teacher (Mrs Johnstone ) ran out screaming ” help  our school is being attacked by KILLER BEES   AHHHHHHH ” and she ran away screaming . Suddenly my boyfriend  JACK came running out ” are you ok Hannah ” . But the next bit is a bit gruesome so ill skip it . All of a sudden the wasps looked at me…

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Zack 100 WC Week 10

It was time to clear out the attic.I walked upstairs dragging me feet and grunting.I picked each box up with a sulk.One box seemed to be making lots of noise.I opened it up and a herd of wasps crowded round me like a UFO.They kept on building up until they made a giant shape.Every step they took forward,I took one back.I felt like I was being set up. They came closer and closer until I backed into a wall.My fear of wasps was worse than ever.I suddenly heard a giggle and a chuckle in the voice of my brothers voice…

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Kaiden 100wc week 14

They set off,I had a sudden connection to my cousin I could sense he was in the car in front of the truck. I jumped onto their guards motor-bike pushing him off onto a road;Hagrid also jumps onto another bike(but I forgot about the explosives which suddenly explode creating a vortex what makes the world collapse)”JUMP”I screamed we landed on a building infested by golden wasps they grabbed Hagrid and flew away.All the vehicles started to fly,I had to jump from vehicle to vehicle.

My cousin flew out of the car memeulous grabbing him and me chucking us powerfully home…

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5 years from now a group of bees got attacked by 3 ghastly hideous wasps the bees have never forgotten that moment and they were hungry for revenge but the wasps always out-smarted them but the bees never gave up .They aren’t strong and the never use their painful awful sting  the bees were really smart but the wasps always new what the bees were up to … one day,the bees got a net and headed towards the wasps and when the wasps weren’t looking the bees caught the wasps in the net and that’s the end of the wasps and the story.







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Layla 100wc #week14


Hi there , miss bee i am sending you this because i wanted you to know  that we all miss you;  the new miss queen bee fired me . The new Queen bee, made  us  do all the work and she just watches you. One day, she made us collect honey all day and night; please come back and help me get my job back she has also fired lodes more bees come back and help all the others bees lifes. come back and get that horrible old bee out of this place this wont be the last time you here from me bye.

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100wc week15 LibbyB

T0 Queen Bee

I would like to come and work for you I am great at : cleaning , washing the dishes and Laudery. When I was a little bee I loved watching you on beetv . Always dreamed of being you, I used to dress up as you . It would be a dream to be your servant you your majesty . I can work all day and night and never get tried . Please make my wish come true I would love my application to be excepted from Zoe .

one week later…

You have being accepted thank you from Queen Bee .

You start Monday .

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