Kaiden week 10 100wc

I had to stop running at some point,I could see something in the distance and it was red,to be exact it was as red as blood, I think I lost those 3 gods,anyway I’m getting of track, I quickly started to run towards the ‘thing’ and as it came into vision it seemed to be a house and it seemed to have a person inside I went to go and knock on the door,they opened the door and I rushed in telling them what happened, without me noticing he took off a mask and it turned out to be ps2 Hagrid…

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Emilia 100WC Week #10

On Sunday 10th November, I went to the Poppy church service in Longtown to represent the Guides (a group of girls aged 10-15). We all wore our poppy badges which are red, black and green. This time, which was the 101th year running, the Brownies (a younger group of girls) made poppy lanterns instead of the traditional wreaths and the Guides decorated a glass and used sharpies to colour it in! It was the best day ever because the crafts lit up the whole church and there was a dappled light pattern. The colour red represents  blood, black meant the death and green represents the Flanders fields.

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100wc week 10


The sun was high in the sky. A little girl with blond hair was going to the fair with her step mam. she had always wanted to go to the fair but she was to little but not today she payed her 1$ and skipped merrily to the balloon stand.” hello” she said in a timid voice I would like to buy a balloon the old man sat up from hi chair and Say’ d    “choose it wisely” he Sayed , in a crooked voice happily the girl stretched up and pointed at the balloon, good choice the man Say’ d  ” thank you the girl said” “watch the balloon because it secrets will be amazing..

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100WC Week #10

Below is the link to the 100wc.

Make sure you use the prompt!

Try to include an embedded clause and/or a subordinate conjunction at the start of at least one sentence. A few comments by the teachers remind you to read through your work work with a fresh pair of eyes – maybe ask your learning partner?



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Logan 100 word challenge – week 9

One sunny morning I woke up and after school I am going trick or treating with my friends . But first I had carve my pumpkin. After carving my pumpkin, it was time for school . At school, we were making Halloween decorations after  that we made hats – the orange one spoke first . After school me and my friend are going trick or treating first we went to my friends house to get his costume . Then we went to my house for  my costume and then it was tine to go trick or treating and have a ton of fun.

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100wc#week 9

  Pumpkin problem!

It was the night before Halloween , there was no sound to be heard . Down on the farm , that was decorated for Halloween, sat two pumpkins .There was  An orange one and a white one  . Suddenly ,they began to move, I saw them … It was the orange one that spoke first, “Hi. ” ” Did that pumpkin just talk? ” I whispered silently, as a cold shiver ran quickly down my spine. But what I didn’t notice was that the white one was right behind me … I woke up feeling rather strange I  glared down what had happened ? I was a pumpkin…

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rhianna 100WC week#9

The pumpkins were talking . We had just got back from school(the orange one spoke first).The orange one is the shy one I was surprised it even talked. I never really knew they talked. Me and my sister were sitting on the wall playing a game called tik tak toe. I really was wanting to go trick or treating but my mum was not ready yet so we went round where we live. It was really good round longtown this year. Me and Lilah loved it (so did Jamie our little brother).

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Libbyweek9100 word challenge

Dear diary,

Today I am going to a haunted maze with my friends Jake and Daniel it is Halloween today night so it will be extra spooky .  I am dressing up as Harley Quinn also dyeing my hair . When we got there it was closed so we went to the back and snuck in . At first the orange one spoked us but we got used to it . It was getting to scary for us but when we tried to go out the gates were locked I was going to have a heart attack I was so cold and frightened .

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layla 100wc week#9

As I put my pumpkin out me and my friend went trick or treating. We went to a house there was two little kids dressed  up as fruit one was a orange and the other was a apple the orange one spoke first. Then we went in a scary house all we could hear was scary music. We got some food and then it started raining so we went in for a bit . We meet up with jade and we knocked on a door and no one  answered so we went  somewhere else it was so dark and cold but we still stayed out.


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100wc week9 Charlie

It was Halloween and Barry Bennet had just finished carving his pumpkin and was off to bed when something caught his eye… His and his sisters pumpkin were moving my one, that had fake blood on, seemed to be jumping the it tuned around and said “Howdy partner what your name” my reply was a silent squeak, my blood ran cold .

“How can you talk” I mouthed silently as a shiver trickled down my spine, my sisters  orange pumpkin spoke first, we can’t tell you.

“Catch u later ” with that they disappeared. The next morning I woke as a pumpkin!

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