100wc week15 LibbyB

T0 Queen Bee

I would like to come and work for you I am great at : cleaning , washing the dishes and Laudery. When I was a little bee I loved watching you on beetv . Always dreamed of being you, I used to dress up as you . It would be a dream to be your servant you your majesty . I can work all day and night and never get tried . Please make my wish come true I would love my application to be excepted from Zoe .

one week later…

You have being accepted thank you from Queen Bee .

You start Monday .

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2 Responses to 100wc week15 LibbyB

  1. AlexB says:

    Dear, Libby

    I really like how you have write as a bee it would make sense more if you do all day and night than all night and day but on the other hand its a good! Keep up the good work.:)

  2. ArthurR says:

    Libby your writing made me laugh about the beetv you writing is brilliant and enthusiastic and has good imagination I like your use of description and adjective keep up the good work libbyB. : )

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