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5 years from now a group of bees got attacked by 3 ghastly hideous wasps the bees have never forgotten that moment and they were hungry for revenge but the wasps always out-smarted them but the bees never gave up … Continue reading

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Tom 100 week challange #12

I can’t belive it I painted the most tremendous picture and there’s the cat getting it’s mucky paws all over it I’m surprised the cat hasen’t snapped the strings  of my purple violin yet . I would be so happy … Continue reading

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Tom 100 word challenge week 9

The day of Halloween ,finally arrived said the vampire as he took the knife out of the pumpkin thank you said the pumpkin he had 3 talking pumpkin’s one black one green one orange the orange one spoke first … … Continue reading

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100WC week8tom

There was a girl who was going up into the sky her name was Bella. She got into the ancient batted, brown balloon she was scared . As the balloon started going up up up the sunset was phenomenal I … Continue reading

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Tom 100wc Week 4

The birds were flying above are heads ; there was one raven black bird who just couldn’t fly ; that bird just wouldn’t give up.It kept trying 1,2,3,4,5 times it tried one very kind-hearted bird came to help, we all … Continue reading

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