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Abi 100wc#14

News Report There is a bee alert! The bees have spread aver a school in Australia . Don’t panic they will  eventually leave ; the disasters that have happened . Buildings fell  down , people running out there houses in … Continue reading

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Abi 100wc#13

Dear dairy, Today I was playing with my friends at a park we were siting on they edge of the lake. Soon after, we heard noises coming from behind us ; when we looked behind us there was nothing there. … Continue reading

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Abi 100wc week#9

As I was trick or treating with my friends,we found a scary house that I  didn’t want to go in we went in the house . All we could hear was screaming from one of the rooms then out of … Continue reading

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Abi week #8 100wc

For my birthday my parents got me a big brown balloon ,  but they forgot one thing that we have a dog that hates balloons. I kicked the balloon away just in time or else the dog would have popped … Continue reading

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Abi 100wc Week4

Dogs are fastanating  crechers  because they can help people with disability e.g blindness thats why dogs are an important thing in our lives . Ever since dogs have been a huge thing in the world they can help you like … Continue reading

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