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Kaiden 100wc week 13

All of a sudden the three gods appeared and started to fly(I didn’t realise they could fly)my cousin,still playing the flute, has started to raise an undead army wearing FBI hoodies. They started to charge the building, Hagrid grabs my … Continue reading

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Kaiden 100wc week #12

I couldn’t believe it was an actual good meme I had been speaking to, while he made some coffee I sat down and painted a purple elephant.I was really happy that I was safe,while I was painting,he put on some … Continue reading

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Kaiden week 10 100wc

I had to stop running at some point,I could see something in the distance and it was red,to be exact it was as red as blood, I think I lost those 3 gods,anyway I’m getting of track, I quickly started … Continue reading

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Kaiden 100wc week9

Where am I…last thing I remember is…oh my god…my cousin touched that cursed balloon.What’s that in front of me…by the looks of it there’s three people dressed in three different colors of robes with a hood on it also they … Continue reading

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Kaiden100c Week8

So, there’s this brown, balloon, and it’s really,REALLY frightening, also there’s this rumour that it’s cursed(people say,whoever touches it they’ll put a curse on the town, or THE ENTIRE WORLD.So it has never,EVER been kicked).Its so frightening even the police … Continue reading

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