Kaiden100c Week8

So, there’s this brown, balloon, and it’s really,REALLY frightening, also there’s this rumour that it’s cursed(people say,whoever touches it they’ll put a curse on the town, or THE ENTIRE WORLD.So it has never,EVER been kicked).Its so frightening even the police stay clear of it,which is really surprising, and the president has made a law that STRICTLY forbids us from touching it. Luckily, my family are coming over in 3 days.

Today, my family are finally coming over (yay) so I’m gonna nap until they get here. Now my cousin(a madlad) is here…oh god he just touched the really, cursed brown BALLOON…

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5 Responses to Kaiden100c Week8

  1. MaddyG says:

    Hi Kaiden ,this is a lovely story I would love to read more of your stories they give me suspense I really want to know what happened to the cousin I think you need to read through it to make sure it makes sense.

  2. ArthurR says:

    Hi kaiden I really enjoyed your reading and your description and your suspense it has left me on a cliff hanger about the cousin also I like you words that are in bold to make them stand out further more your punctuation is perfect keep up the good work kaiden !

  3. CharlieA says:

    Hi Kaiden love your story and want to read more keep up the great work and please make more.
    from charlie

  4. KaidenM says:

    I just edited mine

  5. AlishaJ says:

    wow that was really good . Keep up the good work . Oh and thankyou for my comment


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