Alisha #week 8 100wc

Once , there was a girl called   Sofia Balloon  and she always stepped in something brown called poo. Sofia  balloon was really good at football , one kick and it was in the goal. Sofia never got her work wrong  , and her teacher Mr Jenkins was really proud of her . One day  her BFF  Hannah didn’t  come into school . But she didn’t know that she had  stepped in dog poo and there was some on the floor next to the door and in came Mr Jenkins . Woah , he slipped and fell and also broke his leg . Poor Mr Jenkins  I hope he is ok.

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2 Responses to Alisha #week 8 100wc

  1. KaidenM says:

    Good story, but make up names.

  2. KaidenM says:

    And make sure it makes sense

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