sofiac100 word challenge

My family

Hi my name is Sofia I have had a great life with my family  so far so I hope you enjoy me telling you about some of them!

First,lets talk about my Mam she is kind and helpful and I love her so much she is the best Mam in the whole world.

Next,lets talk about my pet guinea pig Fudge he is very cute he may look cute on the inside but is naughty on the inside. Also,he chewed my slippers and my wooly hat I was going to wear this winter but I still love him. Soon,he is turning five on the 25 of November his birthday. When it was my birthday last year Fudge popped a brown balloon with his sharp teeth when it popped the brown balloon was kicked in my face accidently by my Mam she felt so bad because it hurt my face.

Finally, lets talk about my nanny she is the best Nanny in the whole world she buys me anything I want even if it is lots of money she is not very well and she gets poorly a lot she has to take pills and I have to help her a lot sometimes she has good days and sometimes she has bad days and also she has to go to the doctors a lot but its ok she is getting better.

And that is al about my family!!!!!!!!!

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2 Responses to sofiac100 word challenge

  1. AlishaJ says:

    wow that was amazing Sofia and you didn’t tell me that Fudge is turning 5 please tell him happy birthday for me


  2. Vikki currie says:

    Fabulous story Sofia, well done love Mam xxx

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