dan 100 wc

Hi ,my name is Peppa Pig I love jumping in muddy puddles !.

My brother is George he also loves jumping in muddy puddles even though when, he gets angry he gets his toy balloon and starts  kicking the sofa. When daddy pig came along he gets a brown face in anger George get to your bed now … Mummy pig came to get him “What have you done this time?” “Nothing I was only thinking  name for my toy balloon. I never got a chance as frightening daddy told me to go to bed I never wanted to go though” “STOP THATS ENOUGH!!!”

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  1. KaidenM says:

    Good story…but maybe you should put the 5 words and try not to do a ‘Peppa Pig’ episode, good story though.

  2. CHRIS MEEHAN says:

    Ms M #100WC

    Dan, this is a fun piece of writing, and I am impressed with the use of dialogue, and also the way that you used punctuation as a tool with LOUD capitals!
    Remember when you use dialogue though that it helps the reader to focus on exactly who is speaking, if you make each new person’s speech on a new line.
    Keep going on the 100WC, and in the meantime how about coming along to visit my class in New Zealand at http://rakau19.edublogs.org/.

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