Kaiden 100wc week 13

All of a sudden the three gods appeared and started to fly(I didn’t realise they could fly)my cousin,still playing the flute, has started to raise an undead army wearing FBI hoodies.

They started to charge the building, Hagrid grabs my arm and jumped through a portal…

We must had been traveling for 2 hours. Suddenly we came to a stop and I crashed into the floor “OWWWWWWWWWW” I said ” Wait I can SPEAK” ” shhhhhhh…be quiet ” Hagrid said, me and Hagrid saw Hagrid and me but an undead version they were loading some explosives into a van in present boxes…

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  1. JackW says:

    well done you never fail to entertain me with your writing the forever going plot with Hagrid and the 3 gods always makes me laugh. you need to put a piece of punctuation after your speech. however i love the unusual bit about your cousin playing the flute in such a moment of peril and summoning an army of undead soldiers with FBI jackets it was a good section at the end with the undead versions of themselves that was surprising. I like that their ”counter parts ” were loading bombs into a van. also i like how much this story ha escalated from a birthday party to a parallel universe.

    Well done. Keep on working up to the finale.

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