Zack 100 Word Challenge Week 13

The Ghost Of Christmas Night

It was the night before Christmas when I was watching a movie. Reindeers.I never knew they could fly. I fell asleep after five minutes it was so boring.It didn’t make any sense and it was confusing. All of a sudden, I heard a crash, a bang and a scream.I ran downstairs looking at a cloudy-eyed phantom staring at me and a destroyed house.Running to the car, the house became crouded with black clouds crushing it. It came coming and the car broke down. I ran and it kept coming until I woke from my dream

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  1. LibbyB1 says:

    Hi Zack
    I like how you have you have put it was the night before Christmas and a hyphenated word but you could maybe have the 2nd sentence a bit longer .

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