Logan 100wc WEEK 8

One sunny morning I woke up for school and it was my first day back .  When arrived at school we did are morning work .  After we did are morning work we did are English we were describing a video . After we finniest are English it was brake time  After brace it was time for maths we were finding out the  common factors of numbers after maths it was lunch time after lunch we were making balloon  . I made a brown balloon but the balloon popped freighting the  children and I had never seen my teacher as mad before in my life .


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2 Responses to Logan 100wc WEEK 8

  1. KaidenM says:

    Good story next time make sure to put the capital letters.

  2. Jackie Cameron says:

    Kia ora Logan,
    You’ve done well to fit all the prompt words in.
    Try to remember to read your work aloud before you publish so you can ‘hear’ what your reader is reading won’t you.
    I’m impressed that you’re working on common factors in maths.
    Thanks for sharing,
    Jackie (Team 100WC)
    New Zealand

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