Dan 100 WC week12

As I was walking through a big wood, I saw a plump  purple Elephant in the distance with who was with a hairy man with one arm. He said  I will get you a new house for you on the mountain side in the middle of no were . As I was getting home on my BMX I seen another man playing a violin in a man hole sad wanting love it was just like Harry potter  in a different world. He said playing the violin sad can you get me my Gold it is just like video game going around getting people loads. Tell you one the next episode…..

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5 Responses to Dan 100 WC week12

  1. ArthurR says:

    I love your writing Dan and your use of this weeks prompt but dan try not to use so many paragraphs but over all your writing is brilliant. keep up the good work Dan 🙂

  2. ArthurR says:

    also dan try not to use slang words

  3. Honey-Rose says:

    Well done Dan! 🙂

  4. TomW says:

    well done you changed your story and still made it funny 9(:

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