Emilia 100WC Week #10

On Sunday 10th November, I went to the Poppy church service in Longtown to represent the Guides (a group of girls aged 10-15). We all wore our poppy badges which are red, black and green. This time, which was the 101th year running, the Brownies (a younger group of girls) made poppy lanterns instead of the traditional wreaths and the Guides decorated a glass and used sharpies to colour it in! It was the best day ever because the crafts lit up the whole church and there was a dappled light pattern. The colour red represents  blood, black meant the death and green represents the Flanders fields.

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  1. NataliaAtlinski says:

    Very well done Emilia. Keep up the hard work. I love your description and the fronted adverbials makes the recount even better. The punctuation adds more and more description!

    Natalia Year 5

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