Emilia 100wc Week 6

I was in the airport car park getting the medium-size suitcase when I realised that it was heavier than I expected… It felt like it was 100kg (or at least something like that). Luckily, I finally managed to lift it out of the car and was walking to the bus stop to catch the bus to the terminal when I noticed that I left the other bags. This means that I was to focused on trying to carry the heavy suitcase that I forgot about the rest of my things. My holiday to the airport was finally complete (at least half of the way there).

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3 Responses to Emilia 100wc Week 6

  1. NeaveT says:

    This is really good I loved reading it and so did my mam thank you for your wonderful work


  2. AlishaJ says:

    that was amazing to read I really liked the part when your character forgot all of her other bags it was very funny .


  3. ArthurR says:

    I loved reading your writing I can imagine my suite case being like 100kg

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