Emilia Week #8 100wc

My birthday balloon is finally here. It came in the post this morning. We are opening the package on the scarlet coloured, leatherĀ  sofa [it is really, really comfortable]. When we ripped open the package we realised it was a brown balloon, not a pearlescent white. I was so angry with the colour of the balloon that I kicked the sofa and screamed so loud that it felt like the cosy cottage shook. My mum says, trying to reassure me “It’s ok, we’ll order another one!”. My mum said that it was frightening that this has happened this one important time [this has never happened before].

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4 Responses to Emilia Week #8 100wc

  1. ArthurR says:

    I love your description and your order of text well done **

  2. TomW says:

    how did the balloon fit through the letter box apart that this story was exiting good use of vocab

  3. MaddyG says:

    Hi Emilia I love your story it is a terrible thing that your balloon was brown instead of white.I would have been angry if that had happened to me I hope you got the white one in the end .

  4. Cath (Team100, Melbourne, Australia) says:

    Hello Emilia, you have provided lots of good description. This helps the reader to really imagine what is happening. The description of kicking the comfortable sofa was so good I could almost feel the stubbing on my own toe. Well done.

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