Honey-rose 100wc week 9

One Halloween, I dressed up as a dead bride with my two buckets, that were filled to the rim. one was orange and one was white; you won’t believe but they could talk! They were chatting to each other.  The orange one spoke first saying, ”How long till I can rest?” Then the white one explained ”You are resting.” I carried on walking home.  When I got home, which took 2 minutes, I counted my sweets – I ended up with 112 (mostly chocolate). I wanted to eat them  all now but my mum said no. So when she wasn’t looking, I took sweets up to my room and ate them all night.

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3 Responses to Honey-rose 100wc week 9

  1. EmiliaA says:

    Well done Honey-Rose keep up the good work!!!! 🙂

  2. CharlieA says:

    Amazing story great

  3. Jiping says:

    Really interesting, Honey-Rose! I believe I wouldn’t keep those sweets after Halloween night if I were you! Keep on writing! Jp.

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