Jack 100wc Week 4

“Yea! I just sold my 100000 lemonade!” is what I wish I was saying right now but instead I am sitting in the rain by myself selling nothing. When it just wouldn’t take off, do you have to buy a billboard in a city for a ludicrous amount of money ? I wish I had business talent like my dad. If only I wasn’t a thick penniless 12 year old sitting on my bum in a tent in the middle of a field trying to sell lemonade to the three people in the middle of no-where. What am I doing.


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2 Responses to Jack 100wc Week 4

  1. Mr Ball says:

    I really enjoyed the creative idea for your entry this week – I’m sure your talent for business would lead to more success!
    Keep up the wonderful writing.

  2. LibbyB1 says:

    Well done

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