Luke 100WC

It was Halloween and all the children were out trick or treating. I was in my house waiting for all of them to arrive. I was the kind old woman in the neighbourhood. I thought I was popular. I was someone lucky enough to have their birthday on Halloween. My daughter, who was in her mid thirties, loved me. She said she would surprise me this Halloween and I was looking forward to see what she meant but I didn’t want no trick or treaters. Suddenly the doorbell rang. at the door was a huge group of trick or treaters. The orange one spoke first. “trick or treat” she said. I was delighted. I put my tub of sweets down and said” To share” I closed the door and headed back inside full of joy.

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2 Responses to Luke 100WC

  1. AlexB says:

    good descriptive story like how she thought that she was the most popular pearson in the neighbour hood

  2. AlishaJ says:

    wow Luke that was good why did the old woman leave out the tub and not take it back in . What was the old woman’s surprise I cant make up my mind weather it has in suspense or not but one thing I do know is that it was really good


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