Maddy 100wc week 4

Today was a very extraordinary day for me, as I walked into my house (it is very weird house with rabbits that shoot out jelly beans to fly) to find my favourite rabbit lying on the floor!
I didn’t know what to do:leave it,tell my mum (who was in the house),or go and see it. I decided to go and see it then as soon as I touched it, it was trying to take off .It was about to take off when it just wouldn’t take off . After that, I gave it a big lift and push and it still wouldn’t take off after hours…

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2 Responses to Maddy 100wc week 4

  1. LibbyB1 says:

    I like your story

  2. Caitlin (100WC) says:

    Hi Maddy! I loved the creativity you’ve shown here, rabbits that use jelly beans to fly is such an interesting concept! I wonder what ever happened to that rabbit…

    Keep writing!
    Caitlin (100WC)

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