100 wc charlie

There was once a girl called Honey-balloon, she was the most frightening bully in all the land, she stole kids lolly-pops, shoved ice cream in their faces and she even stole all the amazing presents on Christmas!!! (As she was picking her nose) she saw in the corner of her eye a small boy, she went over and grabbed him. He kicked and squealed but Honey never let go ,all that was left of him was his brown clothes. It was Honey’s birthday the next day her first present “I didn’t want them !!!!!!!!!” screamed Honey she only liked expensive things!

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3 Responses to 100 wc charlie

  1. KaidenM says:

    Good story I like it how you described as much and as simple as you can.

  2. AlishaJ says:

    that was really good and I never new honey was a bully I thought she was only annoying!

  3. Heidi (Team 100WC, New Zealand) says:

    Kia ora Charlie. Wow! This Honey girl sounds SUPER bad! You have used words imaginatively and creatively. Well done – I really enjoyed your 100 Word Challenge.

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