100WC week8 rhianna

Dear Diary,

Me and my friends went to a party the other day. All I can say is it was fun and funny. So my friend Patricia kicked the balloons that were there they were, brown and black. While she was doing that me and Dennis were playing away with a go cart we had never saw before ( they were very unusual ). It was very frightening for Dennis when the balloons poppedĀ  because he was only 10 month old.

Then sadly it was time to go, but not for us we sang a little song while everyone was leaving (no one was interested).


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3 Responses to 100WC week8 rhianna

  1. RhiannaM says:

    very good tom just need all the words you don’t have all the words.
    You also need a fullstop at the end of th story.

  2. AlishaJ says:

    that was funny when no one was interested in your singing I found that bit very funny


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