Arthur 100wc#week 12


A girl with purple hair came into the hall she had a violin case with golden straps. The hall was filled with musical instruments, a man with a tuber  blew it so loud it sounded like a elephant. It was her turn to do a audition. As she approached the front the judges sat up in there seats “hello” the judge said “what are you going to be playing to day” furelise” you may begin. The girl placed the violin under her chin and stared to play her song. At the end the judge said “I painted a  picture in my head”, “welcome to the orchestra”.

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2 Responses to Arthur 100wc#week 12

  1. Honey-Rose says:

    Well done I loved your vocab next time use a hyphenated word! 🙂

  2. AlishaJ says:

    good but you didn’t include the words painted and happy but what happened next to the girl doing her audition

    Alisha good work

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