jackw 100wc week 12

His name was Joe, that guy who had the power¬†of a god and his hair got all red pink¬† he had managed to surpass that and his hair went blue and that was good because the god of destruction came and threatened to annihilate¬† the world. He was a purple elephant who had an angel ,who could extirpate the world in a sneeze, and he had the worst temper in the world. What set him off was that the army had nuked him so Joe walked up and in his new found power tried to fight him in super-human blue,as he calls it. Bang,Bang ,Bang their punches sent shockwaves around the world then suddenly he fell from the sky and stood up then his hair turned grey and the happy violin playing angel painted a picture that said autonomous ultra instinct…

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3 Responses to jackw 100wc week 12

  1. ArthurR says:

    ilove your writing and your use of this weeks prompt (:

  2. ArthurR says:

    well done ( :

  3. AlishaJ says:

    Wow jack a little odd but good just check your capital letters but other than that it is perfect . Just what gets me wondering is what inspired you to wright about gods and what inspired you to use a sneeze as a almighty power?

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