Luke 100wc week 8

School had just finished and I was walking home when I stepped on something. The sound it made was like a balloon with an untied end, like a greasy pump. I immediately looked down scared to what I would find. What was under my foot appeared to be brown. Frightened by the sight of poo I kicked my leg. Never had I experienced something so horrible. When I had arrived home I took my shoes straight off and handed them to my Mum. She examined them closely (or so it seemed but I think she wasn’t even thinking about it) and took them away to the kitchen where she washed the faces off my shoe and put it down the sink.


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2 Responses to Luke 100wc week 8

  1. AlishaJ says:

    I have done than mate I am probably related to that person ,yes I did wash mine . But only I washed my BRAND NEW SHOES in the… TOILET!!!!!!!! EWW


  2. Mrs P (Team 100WC) says:

    Hi Luke
    I love your 100WC. I am not sure what is more horrifying – standing in poo or washing shoes in the sink! Either way. it is not pleasant. Your 100WC flows really well. Fantastic!

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