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It was time for my brother to go to bed because  – it was his birthday in the morning. However,  me and my mam and step dad were rushing about to get every thing ready for his 2nd birthday. I had the job of blowing all the balloons up, which they was 33, at the end I was puffed out! I was grateful  that I got to help but it was tiring.  I had like 2 glasses of water.  He struggled to get to sleep because he was that excited . As we finished up, I could not sleep . The next day, it was frightening that he would hurt himself then he did by  jumping of the couch and there was a balloon on the ground. They rushed him to the hospital and it was broken  I felt so bad. It heeled within a week then we was up running again.


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  1. Leona says:

    I think that your story was going good throughout, but it is lacking some punctuaution, and there has to be a bit more grammar.

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