Sofia 100wc Week 4

it was a sunny day when sweat drips from your back me and my family  were going to the beach to stay for the weekend so read on too find out about my weekend at the beach

First, we woke up I woke up super exited and early too my little brother and my big sister slept in [of course]

next, we had breakfast we all had … cheerios’ for breakfast and then we got in the car and drove for an hour to our beach hotel vacation

finally ,we arrived to our destination and had a great weekend we swam in the  ocean and had a good beach hotelwekend

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3 Responses to Sofia 100wc Week 4

  1. EmiliaA says:

    Positive- Great fronted adverbials and parenthesis.
    Negative- Remember capital letters and full stops.

  2. LillyT says:

    Really good except you forgot to include when it just wouldn’t take of Lilly T

  3. LibbyB1 says:

    It is good but you need capital letters

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