violet100wc#week 8

  Angry alex.  

“I NEED A BALLOON AT MY PARTY! ” cried and kicked Alex, “You can never have a party without frightening balloons .”

“The more you shout, the more I don’t want to get you one,” answered mum. “I will get you a brown one.” Well, one is better than none .Later that week, it was Alex’s  birthday.  All of his friends came. The more people that come, the more presents I will get Alex thought . He opened the first present… It was pencils,  “I didn’t what this! “cried Alex. He was never happy with what you got him unless it was expensive.

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2 Responses to violet100wc#week 8

  1. EmiliaA says:

    This is a great storyline, it has a lot of action which makes me entertained. The description and phrases are brilliant and the story gives a lesson for to be grateful for what you get given.

    Well done Violet!! 🙂

  2. Leona says:

    The story does have a lot of energy and the description were you can acctually feel that you are in that situation with that annoying little named ‘Alex’ and you are struggling to fix the problem and hush him up.

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