Zack 100 Word Challenge Week 9

It was midnight on the 31st October 1964.I was sleeping over at my friends house after collecting in all of the money( from trick or treating)  and counting it. I walked to the dingy hallway to notice the pumpkins talking to one another. The orange one,who spoke first, stared at me and ran away. The other ones hid by the record player.I screamed and ran away into the bedroom.I was so scared my face was purple and marinaded in sweat.The car alarm started. I heard banging. BOOM!  I ran into the kitchen with a broom but someone was pushing me. Wake up!

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3 Responses to Zack 100 Word Challenge Week 9

  1. AlishaJ says:

    wow Zack that was thrilling and it had a little bit of suspense in it to . I really enjoyed reading it I cant wait to hear next weeks


  2. ArthurR says:

    love your writing and your use of this weeks sentence when I read your writing it made me laugh and your use adjectives also I love your description KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK!!!

  3. LillyT says:

    HI Zack
    amazing peace of work every time I read it it makes me giggle GOOD WORK !

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