Abi 100wc week#9

As I was trick or treating with my friends,we found a scary house that I  didn’t want to go in we went in the house . All we could hear was screaming from one of the rooms then out of nowhere we saw a finger in the shadows . Then it got closer and closer I could feel my heart pounding in fear I found out that it was a vampire I thought I was cursed .I asked how else was in the house and the orange one spoke first but none know how was speaking. “Hello” who’s  there I couldn’t hold it in any longer ahhhhh …

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2 Responses to Abi 100wc week#9

  1. DixieB1 says:

    read it through to make sure it makes sense

  2. Jiping says:

    Good job, Abi! It’s truly a scary story, hope you could be better in the future! Jp.

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