Alex 100 word challange Week 8

Dear Diary

Today I have been putting the Tups (male sheep) with the Ewes so we got the Tups in and picked the biggest  out. To show that the Ewes have been mated we put an oily paint called raddle on the Tup to mark their backs when they jump.To see is they are ready to be mated they start kicking the ewes belly .We got the him out but he went straight to the brown gate to the other Tups but this never normally happens but then the ewes came to him. An hour later I went out to see all but one had been Tupped  but then a balloon came out of no where and wrapped around the Tups face it would be frightening for him.

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  1. KaidenM says:

    Maybe next time you can put the words or picture(that you have to describe) but good story

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